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Flower Bulbs If you are like us, you'd be lost without flowers. They are the silent, shining companions that brighten every day of the year, asking only simple, loving attention in return for all they give. Do you dote on flower bulbs and gardening plants? You've come to the right place. Find all the best gardening tips here at Bulb & Bloom, where we have put together the Internet's friendliest flower directory.

Oriental Lilies

Oriental Lilies
Oriental Lilies are surely the stars of spring planted bulbs for summer bloom. We've assembled these in-depth articles to help you get acquainted with Oriental Lily bulbs, culture, habit, and use.

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· Five Trusted Oriental Lily Suppliers

· Stargazer Oriental Lilies

· Oriental Lilies for a Wedding

· Dates to Maturity for Oriental Lilies


Find out all you need to know about planting and caring for just about every bloom from Amaryllis to Zantedeschia. Visit our favourite growers and nurseries, too! With just a pot of soil, a handful of seeds, and a little love, you'll be making garden miracles in no time at all!

Fall Planted Spring Bulbs
In late summer we may still be relishing the vines and roses but the garden clock is ticking as our sun exposure moves almost imperceptibly southward. The fruits of the earth will soon be hidden as cold rain and snow transform the northern hemisphere. But gardeners know that the blossoming world always is waiting in bare branches and under the soggy ground and delight in this anticipation. Like smart squirrels we get busy in fall secreting away our daydreams to think about when winter is upon us. Read More

Lavender, Varieties and Culture
With silvery foliage and a tidy growth habit, lavenders add volume and vertical interest to the border. As a subtle blue note among the yellows or for fragrance in the low maintenance garden, lavender offers months of dependable bloom. The soft grey-green color of its stems and leaves artfully blend with or accent other greens and colors in the landscape creating a montage that Monet would be proud of. Cultivated in Europe since the Middle Ages because of its antiseptic properties, lavender has long been the signature fragrance of French-milled soap and bath products. Read More

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Clivia   Colchium Bulbs   Crocus Bulbs   Daffodil Bulbs   Dahlia Bulbs
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Aquilegia   Campanula   Clematis   Delphiniums   Dicentra
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Gardenias   Geraniums   Hosta   Hellebore   Heuchera
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