A highly ornamental member of the Buttercup family, Aquilegia is a U.S. native. Its common name is Columbine, and it is a wonderful perennial for any garden.

Aquilegia The unusual blooms have been likened to shooting stars or octopi. They come in single or bi-colour forms, and both dwarf and tall Aquilegia are available, topping out at a height of about 2'. Lovely airy foliage makes pretty mounds in the perennial border, and the plants readily multiply where contented.

Columbine Seeds

Aquilegia will tolerate sun, but light shade is preferable. In recent years, some very interesting new hybrids have appeared, including ones with double flower form. One of the whimsical things about many Columbines is that they take on colours from their neighbours. You may plant a purple Columbine near a yellow one year one, and next year end up with a yellow-purple cross. It is amusing to think of them tossing colours back and forth amongst themselves. Plant them at least a foot apart to give them the room they need, and be sure to supply ample water and well-drained soil. The blooming season extends from spring to summer, and Aquilegia makes a perfect companion for silvery foliaged perennials such as Lamium and Dusty Miller.

Little care is required to grow these very special flowers in the garden and you are sure to enjoy them as cut flowers, too. Their wide colour spectrum makes them appealing in numerous bouquets and their unusual shape is ever striking to the eye.

Columbine Seeds

Red Star Columbine Seeds
Aquilegia x caerulea

This outstanding variety from Swallowtail Garden Seeds features stunning 4 inch Red flowers with white corollas and long spurs on early blooming, free flowering, well branched, relatively heat tolerant plants. Blooms in spring and will attract hummingbirds. Grows to 2.5 feet tall. Perennial.

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