Gardening in the Bedroom?

Bring your love of gardening into your home with beautiful flowered bedding, curtains, or quilts.

One might think that gardening is something restricted only to the outdoors, as you seed your summer vegetables or get those fall bulbs into the ground in time for the spring bloom. However, the appreciation of flowering plants should not stop once indoors. Admiration for gardening can continue into the decor of your home, reflecting your love of the natural world in everything from bedding, to curtains.
One beautiful example of this are the quilts that my wife has made for our home, made from delightful colors of fabrics and showcasing how remarkable and important the garden is to our lives. For the summertime, the quilt of choice for our home is a very refreshing combination of white and blues of all shades. Put into a pattern known as a LeMoyne Star, this quilt helps to shake off those hot summer days with a variety of fabric patterns representative of everything that we love about this season, including blackberries, delicate flowers and butterflies that visit our yard every year. For fall, we have created a warm and comforting flying geese quilt that incorporates a series of running triangles used in patterns reminescent of stained glass. The oranges, reds, and greens in this quilt are wonderful reminders of the changing colors of the autumn season. And for spring, we are in the process of creating a very elegant applique design based on the traditional Baltimore Album Quilt. This green, pink, and white quilt will show our love for the native clover that grows all around where we live.