Sleuthing the Black Daylily

Daylily hybridizers have still not achieved a completely black daylily but near black that is a red brown so deep or dark blue purple daylilies that appear black are available.

Breeders tell us that true black is not an option in the color genes of Hemerocallis but any artist knows that a little red, blue and yellow in various amounts will come out black so there may one day be a truly black daylily that happens through accident or experimentation.

Near Black Daylilies

So in the meantime if you are longing for that black velvet look in your daylily bed, consider:

BLACK AMBROSIA: 30" semi-evergreen plant with purple-black five inch lilies.

BLACK PLUSH: 6" red-maroon with yellow throat on 30" evergreen plant which blooms mid-season.

BLACK BRIAR BAY: 6 deep dark overlapping petals with yellow center.

JUNGLE BEAUTY: a dense purple-black.

New on the market:

Every year new daylily forms and colors appear and you might find them at a grower you haven’t t ried. Look for: BLACK EMMANUELE, EBONY JEWEL, BLACK MOON.