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Calla Lily Bulbs

All Calla Lilies make superior cut flowers and will always be beloved for their unique architectural interest.

Calla Lily If you have ever attempted to make an ABC chart using flowers, chances are you are acquainted with Zantedeschia. And, if you have ever walked around an old neighbourhood, chances are you have seen Calla Lilies. These are the old fashioned kind - the big white flowers with their fluted form, bright orange tongue and handsome green foliage.

Calla Lily Where they are happy, Calla Lilies will reproduce freely and have adapted most stunningly to the west coast of the United States, where they line the cliffs above the sea. These bulbs can still be purchased, but what one is more likely to see offered amongst the spring-planting bulbs are the hybrids of Zantedeschia that have gone a long way from simple white.

Calla Lily bulbs of today yield flowers both miniature and large of surprising hues, such as yellow, mauve, pink, red, and even black! The foliage, too, has gained interest with speckles of white. They are easy to grow and over time should yield numerous flowers from each bulb. They prefer sun to partial shade and though not especially thirsty, should be watered during dry summer spells.

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