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There are over 300 species in the genus Campanula, and we'd like to talk about two of the finest.

Campanula The first is Campanula Medium, with its bold 4' stalks of big, beautiful bells. Campanula Medium is a superb annual for the back of the border and comes in purple, pink, and white. Honeybees love this lavish flower, and we highly suggest growing it in combination with other tall subjects such as Delphinium and Digitalis.

Campanula Medium may be sown from seed after the last danger of frost is over, or you may buy small plants for easiest results. Campanula Medium may require some staking, but the stems are pretty strong. It makes a vivid cut flower. One particular variety of C. Medium is Calycanthema, commonly known as Cup-and-Saucer Flower because of the shape of its blooms. You will enjoy the whimsical look of this plant and are sure to appreciate its value.

Campanula Perhaps our favourite of all Campanulas is little Campanula Porscharskyana. Its violet stars bloom profusely and the creeping habit of its somewhat heart-shaped foliage is simply charming. C. Porscharskyana will grow between the stones of a pathway, over the edge of a container, or up a low fence with a spread of about 3' and a height of about 1/2'. It is a vigorous grower and an indispensable perennial for the rock garden. C. Porscharskyana will tolerate a bit of sun, but prefers bright shade and moderate water. It is not terribly picky about soil type. We cannot imagine a garden without this invaluable perennial, and we give it our highest rating.

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