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Canna Lily Bulbs

For the North American gardener wishing to achieve a tropical look without the help of a tropical climate, the Canna Lily can't be beat.

Canna Lily Gardeners love them first of all for their foliage. There are emerald greens, coppers, burgandies, and even lemon lime stripe. The leaves are ovoid, thick and dense. Out of the foliage rises stalks of vibrant Iris-like flowers in truly tropical shades of pink, salmon, yellow, and crimson.

Canna Lily There are dwarf Canna Lilies which reach about 2 1/2' in height and may be grown in containers, but the majority are quite large border subjects, growing as high as 7'.

Canna Lilies thrive in full sun to light shade and must be watered heavily during the flowering season. Plant tubers 5" deep in spring and enjoy the spectacular display all summer long. In colder zones, Canna Lily bulbs must be dug up and stored for replanting, but where it is temperate, they may be left undisturbed.

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