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Perhaps the most opulent of all vines, large flowering Clematis plays the king in many gardens across North America.

Clematis Flowers are star or water-lily shaped, with a span of up to 10". Colours range from pure white to pink, burgandy, lavender, blue, purple, red, and some striped. Though Clematis is a perennial, the big flowered varieties which are so beloved have an interesting growth habit.

The entire vine sprouts, grows, and blooms in a one or two season period, and then dies back extensively until the following year. Clematis vines may take a year or two to bloom after first planting, depending upon the age of the plant, and all should be pruned back after bloom each year. Overall height ranges from 6' to 12'. Grow Clematis over arbors, up trellises or fences, up deciduous trees, or on garden structures. They prefer medium sunlight and good soil. Because these vines virtually disappear every year, they are not a good choice for obscuring an unsightly shed or area. However, if you are smart and love Clematis, you will grow them along with a more evergreen-type vine. Clematis will weave in and out of Honeysuckle, climbing Roses, Jasmine, etc. They have an unsurpassed ability to complement other flowers, and never fail to make a bold, impressive statement in the garden.

Clematis The good news is that you can get a Clematis which is evergreen. Evergreen Clematis (C. Armandii) has simpler white, four-pointed star shaped flowers that spangle vigorously growing vines with dark green foliage. Very unlike the large flowering varieties, Clematis Armandii is a permanent fixture in the garden and is excellent for screening unsightly areas. It requires a strong supporting structure and pruning to prevent it from overtaking space. Perhaps its finest feature is its fragrance, which is exquisite and reminiscent of vanilla and lemon. This native of China likes to have its head in the sun and its feet in the shade as it grows naturally up trees. We have seen it bursting out of dark alleyways and completely carpeting garage roofs in the most delightful way. For strong, reliable spring and summer bloom, choose Clematis Armandii and we guarantee you will enjoy it.

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