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Colchium Bulbs

Sometimes called the Autumn Crocus, the Colchium is a one-of-a-kind wonder in the flower kingdom.

Colchium They grow from corms, which are available in late summer, and the astonishing thing about them is that they will flower without being planted at all! Just setting them on a sunny window sill is enough. They can, however, be artistically arranged in a shallow dish of pretty gravel, pebbles, etc. Or, you may plant them outside in shallow soil in a sunny area where they will not be disturbed.

Colchium The habit of the Colchium is an interesting one. When planted outdoors, broad leaves appear in the spring but die back long before bloom. Blooms are of Crocus-like form upon long tube-like stems. Colchiums come in various tones of pink and lavender and never fail to surprise the gardener with their delicate appearance amid the rougher weather of fall.

They require little attention and growing them is an especially fun project for children who will not have to wait long after planting to see beautiful results. It is really more of a matter of ordering them from the online nursery or taking them home from the garden center before those blooms come shooting up!

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