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Nothing surpasses the Delphinium for vibrant, vertical blues in the garden.

Delphiniums Sky blue, Dutch blue, and Cobalt are only a few. Delphiniums come in white and pink, too. Flowers may be single or double, with contrasting black or white inner petals. Stalks range from dwarf to about 4' in height and seldom require staking. Foliage is large, mid-green, and finely cut.

Delphiniums Because of their spiking habit, Delphiniums provide such architecture and contrast in the garden. Think of them paired with the round heads of Allium, or the shooting stars of Daylilies.

Delphiniums prefer bright sun, but will tolerate light shade. They need ample water and rich soil. They look best when grown in masses, and their royal colours offset any yellow plant in a truly special way. They may be grown from seed, or starts planted in the spring for summer bloom. They are perennial border favourites, but may also be grown in containers.

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