Erlicheer Daffodils

This fragrant daffodil is a delightful miniature that has a wonderfully fragrant scent and lovely cream white and yellow double blossoms.

Did you happen to miss planting your daffodil bulbs in the fall? Disappointed that you'll have to wait another year before having the chance to have some new color in your garden now that it's almost spring? Well, thanks to the folks at Wayside Gardens, you can still have the chance to have some beautiful new specimens of daffodils with Erlicheer - a variety that you can plant just 6 to 8 weeks before the normal blooming period!

These blooms, coming on top of sturdy 10 inch stems, will add a bright splash of color to any sunny part of your garden. These little cheerful flowers will continue to return every year along with the rest of your daffodils at the normal blooming time. What fun to have a second chance at springtime daffodil bliss!