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It is no wonder that with such a scent, the Gardenia is a plant which so many gardeners try their hands at at least once, no matter where they live.

Gardenias Though Americans may associate Gardenias with the South, they are in fact natives of China. Green, glossy leaves showcase waxy white double blooms of surpassing fragrance. Imagine Jasmine with a dash of vanilla thrown in and you'll be close.

Gardenias In the southern United States, Gardenias are evergreen, can reach 6' in height, and are practically everblooming. In colder areas, they do very well in the greenhouse, but many gardeners have managed to grow them successfully outside.

Gardenias require ample summer heat to bloom. They will take full sun in the coastal valleys, but need filtered light where it is hotter. They require moisture, but will rot easily if given too much water. It's a delicate balance. We know many northern gardeners who have had success growing Gardenias against the wall of their houses. The heat of the house seems to encourage the Gardenia to bloom and helps to keep it from freezing. However, if a bad frost gets them, they are likely to die. Nevertheless, the unique Gardenia flower makes it worth a try. You may find you have the perfect spot in your yard for them, and will be the envy of the neighbourhood as soon as those creamy blooms open.

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