The Helleborus family has long been revered by shade gardeners.

For many years, the two most familiar varieties of Hellebore were the Lenten Rose and the Christmas Rose, so called because of their respective spring and winter blooming season.

Hellebore The unusual blooms slowly changed from creamy white to green to mulberry, atop the dark green, leathery fans of leaves. People who have never seen a Hellebore are always surprised by their appearance.

The Lenten Rose and the Christmas Rose remain favourites, but many breeders have devoted their lives to working with Hellebores and have introduced fabulous new hybrids over the years. Not only have colour strains been expanded to include pure burgandies and peaches, but intricate marking patterns now grace the faces of Hellebore flowers. Double varieties have also become available much to our delight.

Hellebores can be grown in every zone of the U.S. provided they are given full to partial shade and soil which has been richly amended with organic matter. They require ample water and appreciate feeding once or twice a year. They are fantastic when planted in conjunction with Dicentra, Ferns, Violets, Fatsia, or Pieris. If you love surprising flowers, we have no doubt that you will appreciate the Hellebore.