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Heuchera is a tough, vigorous native perennial and blooms all summer long. It is excellent in border plantings and a star in the rock garden.

Heuchera Once upon a time, Heuchera, otherwise known as Coralbells or Alum Root, was a green-leafed plant with wiry little stems of scarlet or coral bells.

Heuchera Since then, breeders have gone to town with the foliage which now astonishes the eye with golds, oranges, and burgandies so dark they are almost black. Variegated leaves have sprouted, too, and the spectrum of bloom has broadened to include new shades of pinks and even greens! Whatever variety you choose, Heuchera gives that firecracker burst of colour that every garden needs.

It will grow in full sun, but really pleases gardeners for its tolerance of light shade, where brightening touches are needed. Give ample water in dry areas. The flowers are extremely attractive to hummingbirds and also last long in cut arrangements. Pinch spent flowers for prolonged bloom, and divide clumps every four years or so to prevent overgrowth. If you have never grown Heuchera before, you are learning about it at the best possible time. So many fascinating varieties will be available to you and are worth making room for in the garden.

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