How to Grow Gladiolus

For a bountiful summer crop of colorful and carefree gladiolus follow these 10 easy steps:

Step 1: After danger of frost, plant new gladiolus bulbs or stored bulbs, cultivating 12 to 15 inches deep where soil will have sun for part or most of the day. Recommended by the National Garden Association.

Step 2: Work in mulch to loosen and aeriate soil or add your favorite fresh garden soil. The ideal PH is 6.5-6.8

Step 3: Dig holes for gladiolus bulbs 4-6 inches deep and at least 4 inches apart when planting groups.

Step 4: Water once and let the spring rains do the rest. If dry conditions prevail water occasionally along with the rest of the garden.

Step 5: When foliage appears in late spring or early summer water regularly.

Step 6: Weed around shorter Gladiolus so they are not shaded by other plants. Mulch all varieties to maintain moisture and to conserve water.

Step 7: Stake Grandiflora type Gladiolus if they are not otherwise supported.

Step 8: Enjoy the bloom. Snap off spent blossoms to keep tidy and continue watering.

Step 9: Allow to die back naturally. The stalks will remain green and pretty throughout the summer. The leaves and seed pods when dried upside down make great additions to dried fall arrangements.

Step 10: At summer's end, trim back to about 4 inches to allow nutrients back into the bulbs. In the colder zones lift and store bulbs during your fall clean up. In more temperate climates leave in the ground and mulch over the resting bulbs.

That's all there's to it for wonderful success with this marvelous plant. Gladiolus Bulbs will return year after year and some varieties will spread out over time. There are always new Hybrid Gladiolus on the market each spring and amazing rainbow mixes like those offered by Direct Gardening.