Ixia Bulbs

A lesser known, but truly excellent fall bulb is the Ixia. Also known as the African Corn Lily, the Ixia is at home in any garden provided it gets at least partial sun.

Ixia 2' wand-like stems hold rows of little cups in white, pink, yellow, orange and red, all with dark, contrasting centers. In mild climates, it will reproduce easily and can be left for a number of years until the ground grows too crowded. When that occurs, lift the corms in summer for fall replanting. Plant corms about 3" deep.

Ixia Though wiry, Ixias should not require staking but do benefit from being mixed with other plants. An excellent combination is Ixia with the perennial Gaura because of the similarity of habit. Two other bulbs always come to mind as well when one thinks of Ixias: Freesias and Spraxias. All three bulbs bear delicate flowers on reedy stems. All three bloom in the spring. A combination planting of them would make a dainty showing.