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There is something so nostalgic, so tender in the fragrance of the Lilac that we would not feel our garden emotionally complete without it.

Lilacs These beauteous shrubs have been gracing gardens across America for several hundred years. The puffy cornucopias made up of tiny blossoms are an absolute delight in the garden or in arrangements. In the eastern United States, Lilacs get huge - over 20' high and wide.

Lilacs In the west, we have to wait a long time for results like that, but we have seen specimens of that size in old gardens. Yet, even if the shrubs are small, Lilacs are of surpassing beauty and value in the garden.

The variety most familiar to us is different hybrids of Syringa Vulgaris, the common Lilac. There are, however, numerous other strains available, and they come in every shade of purple and lavender, as well as white, pink, and the rare yellow variety. All are wonderfully fragrant and require little care. As we mentioned, they do best where winters are cold, but they bloom in spring across the country. They like lots of sun, but may need some shade in the hottest climes. Some pruning may be required. All Lilacs prefer alkaline soils. There are literally hundreds of varieties of Lilacs to choose from, and everybody seems to have a favourite. Find yours by starting a lovely Lilac in the garden today.

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