A Living Bouquet

A wonderful thing about having a garden is the ability to bring the colors of your garden into your home with a bright flower bouquet.

However, sometimes as a gardener, it's hard to cut down the little flowers that you've spent so much time caring for and growing - you'd almost rather let them go to seed and live out their lives in a natural way. I know that my wife loves the flowers that we grow, but hates the thought of cutting them down. What then is the solution to being able to give your spouse some special flowers while avoiding cutting them? Simple - plant a living bouquet!
We already have crocus, daffodils, and tulips planted in our garden. Our perennial border is filled with flower bulbs of all kinds, and the white daffodils with the dark colors of the grape hyacinth look spectacular come spring. In the shader places in our garden we feature the extraordinary Franz Hall Iris. This will look wonderful next to the Spiderwort that we've recently planted when the iris blooms again. Gladiolus bulbs are a recent addition to our perennial border, and the little crocus we have sprinkled around the ground near our front door makes for a wonderful greeting to the day when the blooming season arrives. With a little luck, we'll be able to get old fashioned fragrant Freesias for our fall planting for a real scented surprise next year.

Be creative, plant as many bulbs as you can get your hands on in clusters where the colors will look splendid together, and by the spring you can give your wife the most beautiful living bouquet in your garden that will beat anything you can cut and put in your home. And the best part is that they'll return to brighten up your lives year after year!