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Oriental Lily Bulbs

There are many types of Lilies, including Oriental Lilies, Trumpet Lilies, Chinese Lilies, and Turk's Cap Lilies.

Oriental Lily The species Lilium became the subject of intense hybridization in the early 1900's. Today, the offerings are boundless. Oriental Lilies tend to be flat-faced, while Trumpets are, not surprisingly, trumpet-shaped. Hybridization between the types has culminated in some exquisite new Lilies. Height ranges from dwarf to 8' tall. Many strains repeat bloom, offering stunning blooms from spring through summer.

Oriental Lily The Lily spectrum includes cream, pure white, yellow, orange, apricot, maroon, and red. Many Lilies feature speckling or striking bi-colours. Most feature very pronounced stamens and anthers. Nearly all are superbly fragrant.

Oriental Lily bulbs, as well as all others, should be planted in spring. The larger the bulb, the deeper you plant it - somewhere between 3" and 5". It is better to err on the shallow side with Lily bulbs. Oriental Lilies and Trumpet Lilies require some special care. The soil must be rich in organic matter and very well drained. Space Lily bulbs about 6" apart from each other for a massed look. Water well immediately after planting and mulch the area to help retain moisture. Lilies are water-loving plants and must never be allowed to dry out. Flood watering is preferrable to overhead in order to reduce the possibility of disease. The location of planting is important. Oriental Lilies and Trumpet Lilies like to have their feet in the shade and their head in dappled sunlight. They are a bit like tomato plants in this. Once they begin to grow, they usually require staking. After bloom, pinch back faded flowers but do not cut back the plants until they turn brown. Watering may be reduced when leaves begin to yellow, but again, we stress that Lilies should not be allowed to dry out.

Lilies will reproduce and may have to be lifted and divided over the years. Their stateliness makes them a bold statement in the border and with so many exquisite varieties to choose from, it is no wonder that millions of gardeners find it worth their time to care for Lilies.

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