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Five Trusted Oriental Lily Suppliers

These reliable bulb suppliers offer you a rainbow of Oriental Lilies.

Kick the winter blues and imagine next summer’s garden. Planning ahead, as you thumb through the many catalogs available from Seed and Bulb Companies is sure to brighten your day and give you new ideas for Spring planting. We at Bulb and Bloom, encourage you to check out the magnificent array of Oriental Lilies offered. The varieties of color, form and growing style are truly inspiring, whether your favorites are the giant 6 footers or a particular Dwarf Oriental Lily in just that shade of cream, there is a knowledgeable supplier to meet your needs.

Here is our list of five special suppliers who merit the Green Thumbs Up ranking in our book:


1. American Meadows offers one of the largest selections including their Biltmore Estate Collection. They carry specific individual bulbs and mixes. Right now early buyers will receive a 50% discount that progresses to 25% as the planting season heats up.

2. Old House Gardens has a stunning assortment of Heritage and Antique Oriental Lily bulbs. Their website is one of the best educational forums for information on the history and habits of Oriental Lilies and they pledge success or your money back. A really friendly site with great pictures.

3. Wayside Gardens carries new introductions such as the first truly double Oriental Lily “Miss Lucy”. The more bulbs you buy the greater savings and they have a good selection of best seller standards and the newer ORIENTPET hybrids.

4. Michigan Bulb Company has a buy one get one free bulb sale going on right now on their standard Oriental Lily selection.

5. Van Bourgondian Dutch Flower Bulbs sells direct from Holland and carries about 10 varieties and some interesting mixes that will bloom through a long season for a multi-colored display.

It’s so much fun to look forward to our favorite garden standbys producing this year’s annual bloom but you can’t beat the anticipation of some new adventure in the plant world. Whether it is a new hybrid that horticultural experts are thrilled with or a new color scheme that will gradually spread and enliven your back yard, Oriental Lilies and their culture offer an easy way to improve your garden and have some fun. Subtle or dramatic, they are sure to please.

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