Whiteflower Farms Perennial Tulips

Here's something we haven't come across before. Whiteflower Farms is offering perennial tulip bulbs, guaranteed to bloom for up to 3 to 5 years.

As any gardener knows, it can be a real disappointment to put in hours of labor in the autumn, have one spring of tulip bulb glory, and then blank space the next year. Tulips are notoriously hard to naturalize, and that's why we're so interested in what Whiteflower Farms is presenting. They even report a gardener in Atlanta, Georgia having tulips repeat for 8 years in a row. That's pretty fantastic.

Whiteflower Farms perennial tulip bulbs are Darwin Tulips. Those luscious, rounded blooms that really say 'Tulip' to us. They are offering the cream of the tulip harvest - the biggest bulbs for extra vigour. They are offering white Darwin Tulip, a yellow Darwin Tulip, an orange Darwin Tulip, a pink Darwin Tulip, a red Darwin Tulip and a red and yellow bi-colour. They are also vending perennial tulip bulb mixes at 25 bulbs for $13.75 and 50 bulbs for $26.50. That's pretty good value, especially of the perennial claim is true.

Over the years, we've met different gardeners with different tips for getting tulip bulbs to repeat. The best advice we've heard is to plant your tulip bulbs in ignored areas of the garden. Leave them alone. Don't water them. Watering can make tulip bulbs rot. Whiteflower Farms recommends planting your bulbs in full sun, feeding with a good bulb food in spring and fall, deadheading after bloom and then allowing the leaves to yellow before trimming.

We're happy to see this new deal on the market, and hope everyone who tries out these perennial tulip bulbs has great news to report over the next few years.