Pink Daylily

When the first freshness of spring is long gone and the temperature climbs, we are often looking for that cooling color combo of pink and green.

Even in the hottest parts of the garden, pink offers a calming retreat from the brilliant summer hues. The grassy foliage of day lily plants provides a textured ground cover and perfect green backdrop for the bloom- bearing stems. There is rainforest lushness to the dewy flowers as breezes whisper through the leaves to be enjoyed for months in the garden. Try as a specimen or splurge on a new landscape. They are sure to please.

Top Three Pink Daylilies

There are many old and new pink daylilies to choose from but just our three top picks illustrate the variety of color tone and plant characteristics:

1) Lullaby Baby
1998 All American Selection with 3 1/2 inch blooms. Near white blushed with soft pink-peach, ruffled petals, light scent, performs in sun and part shade. A semi-evergreen that re-blooms. About 19 in tall and very floriferous. A good supply can be found at Paradise Gardens.

2) On And On
Like its name, blooms from early summer to early fall. A hybrid of The famous Stella D'Oro, these huge 4 1/2 inch pastel pink blooms would make a show stopping landscape feature. With ruffled curled back petals they appear puffy, giving texture and density to the border plus a unique fragrance.

3) Elegant Candy
The 4 1/2 in. flowers on these Daylilies appear even larger because the petals are ruffled like a petticoat. Very fragrant clear pink with a carmine eye, 2 ft.tall plants bloom thru early summer and fully repeat at summer's end. Hardy, adaptable to sun, heat drought and humidity. Dormancy in cold season so survives even in zone 3.

Daylily plants require little care but the folks at Wayside Gardens recommend new plants be pampered during the first year to develop a strong root system. Plants multiply freely and grow into established colonies but should be divided after 4-5 years. Simply dig and re-locate or share with your friends.