Plant a Sunset

There is nothing quite so wonderful as reflecting the natural world that surrounds your garden within the confines of your flower beds, borders, or containers.

Fortunately, so many beautiful flowers come in all hues and degrees of colors that you can mix and match to create some truly remarkable combinations. Sometimes just a particular time of day can create the lovliest moments in our gardens as the light hits the flowers and foliage in just the right way. Why not keep that feeling consistently in your garden and plant a sunset?
The first bulbs - or tubers - to emerge from your sunset planting could be a selection of the wonderful orange and red ranunculus. These beautiful flowers have such a range of russet colors that they are a delight come time for spring bloom. A smaller flower that can be likened to a ranunculus in the form of an annual are portulacas. These little crepe paper flowers come in a variety of oranges and pinks and the tiny firecracker blooms are as light as wispy clouds over the horizon at sunset. Snapdragons are always a treat in their range of reds and oranges, and there are perennial varieties now available, too.

For some added color, try annuals such as iceland poppies and orange and red pansies. Altogether, these annuals and bulbs will make an intriguing corner to your garden, whether you do beds or containers. And for a final touch of perennial delight, try adding a grass to the scene, such as an orange sedge. The important thing is to be creative, find the color combinations that will delight you, and wait for the surprises to bloom!