Planting for Spring Bloom

There is nothing quite like a spring bloom for a new gardener.

Crocus Being introduced to the world of gardening by my wife, an expert gardener herself, I wasn't sure what to expect when we planted bulbs for the first time. Franz Hall Iris, Daffodils, and Crocus bulbs were bought by the hundreds and scattered everywhere we could find room in the garden. Who would have thought that these little brown root shapes in various sizes and appearance would turn into something so magnificent in the months to come?

After a long afternoon of work, the hardest part of the bulb planting had begun - the wait. Looking eagerly between the foliage of established plants every day while watering became a regular routine, and a disappointing one. Were there any new shoots hidden among the leaves of the Campanula nestled in the shady spots of the garden, or a mysterious new sprout threading its way up among the sweet scented clusters of Geraniums? For weeks and weeks, there was no sign of new life in our patches of soft earth. The months stretched on. Perhaps the bulbs were no good, that they had been exposed to the sun too long or just wouldn't work in our soil. I gave up on looking after a time and the little sleeping corms and bulbs were left forgotten in their cool, deep beds of soil.

One spring morning, a flash of color appeared out of the corner of my eye. Looking closely at a section of the garden packed densely with naturally growing succulents and poppies, a small, delicate purple flower could be seen just under the taller surrounding plants. Lying almost hidden in the shadows, the little flower looked as if it was just waiting to find the nerve to peek its little head out into the sunshine among the larger plants. I felt a surge of excitement I never expected from working with something as simple and natural as flowers. Upon closer look, I saw what I was hoping to see since the fall - the beautifully colored, Easter egg shaped flower of a Crocus. I hurriedly called my wife out and together we welcomed the new little plant into our garden. As the next few days went by, more crocus flowers appeared - two or three every couple of days, it seemed. We had a wonderful little patch of spring color just outside our front door, and the little flowers just kept coming.

Next year, we plan to get some beautiful flower pots to showcase even more of our crocus plants near the entrance to our home. We also thought that a beautiful sundial in the garden surrounded by the little daffodils that were beginning to show themselves would be a fantastic addition to our yard. And how enchanting would the Franz Hall Irises be if they were surrounded by a collection of purple amethysts to better display their vibrant colors? Spring can be a wonderful time if you have some patience and creativity in the fall. Once you get planting, you'll be rewarded with some of the most beautiful Easter gifts that nature can create for you.