Ranunculus Bulbs

Ranunculus - the bulb with the funny name that always gets the favourite vote here at Bulb & Bloom.

Ranunculus Ranunculus come from tubers, to be precise, and it is true that they look a little bit like a weird dried octopus. But, bearing that in mind helps you to remember to plant the octopus with its legs pointing up. Ranunculus bulbs will rot if overwatered before they have developed a root system, so go easy with the hose. They thrive in partial to full sun and like good soil but are not the pickiest of bulbs about that.

Ranunculus So why are they our favourite? It's the flowers. The gorgeous sunset tones of the petals give a warm glow to any spot in the garden. And the blooms themselves, so richly double, look exactly like the Mexican crepe paper flowers one sees at Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Each Ranunculus bulb forms a nice bushy little plant that sends up numerous flower stalks from spring through early summer. People liken them to poppies in their habit. We like to pair them with the similar bulb Anemone. They are exceptional as a pot plant and truly unsurpassed as a cut flower, lasting days and days in a vase. Even after the petals fall from a Ranunculus outside, it is very amusing to watch the fuzzy black center continue to elongate. We simply cannot say enough about this simple, joyful tuber and urge you to plant a few this fall.