Amaryllis Amaryllis Bulbs
Hippeastrum, or Giant Amaryllis, are the big, showy blooms often grown as pot plants both indoors and out.

Anemone Anemone Bulbs
Anemone Coronaria is an excellent subject for container gardening and is a reliable performer.

Begonia Begonia Bulbs
Begonias are beloved for their ability to bring bright colour to the shadiest corners of the garden.

Calla Lily Calla Lily Bulbs
Calla Lily bulbs of today yield flowers both miniature and large of surprising hues, such as yellow, mauve, pink, red, and even black!

Canna Lily Canna Lily Bulbs
For the North American gardener wishing to achieve a tropical look without the help of a tropical climate, the Canna Lily can't be beat.

Clivia Clivia
Clivia grows from a tuberous root, and its dark green foliage is evergreen. The common colour is orange, but a rarer yellow variety is highly prized.

Colchium Colchium Bulbs
Sometimes called the Autumn Crocus, the Colchium is a one-of-a-kind wonder in the flower kingdom. Colchiums come in various tones of pink and lavender.

Crocus Crocus Bulbs
What could be more charming than these little Easter egg flowers which push their petals upward through ice and snow to herald the coming of spring?

Daffodil Daffodil Bulbs
Daffodil bulbs offer colours, sizes, and shapes to please every gardener. Daffodils look best when clustered and massed in natural drifts.

Dahlia Dahlia Bulbs
Whether its the single, anemone flowering, puff ball, or giant dinner plate that is the favourite, American gardeners have been turning to Dahlias for a couple of hundred years. This native of Mexico is one of the key players in the spring planting bulb crowd. Every year, breaktaking new shapes and colours emerge and few flowers can surpass the Dahlia for architectural appeal.

Daylily Daylily Bulbs
Daylily bulbs should be planted in spring and are an exceptional addition to the perennial border. Trumpet-shaped, single or bi-coloured, often featuring ruffled petals, Daylilies seem to get dreamier every year.

Freesia Freesia Bulbs
Find room for Freesias in your fall container or bed planting. Freesias are inexpensive and can be bought in attractive mixes and in large quantities so that the gardener can plant them lavishly in fall for a lovely spring display.

Gladiolus Gladiolus Bulbs
Originally called the Sword Lily, Gladiolus feature tall stalks of radiant-hued blooms from late spring to late summer. Pinks, whites, reds, apricots, purples, yellows, and even greens are available to the glad glad grower. Whether you use wire frames, bamboo stakes, or sticks from a backyard tree, a little attention will give Gladiolus what they need.

Hyacinth Hyacinth Bulbs
The virtues of the Hyacinth in the spring garden are it's wonderful abilities to naturalize in lawns and to mix with other bulbs.

Iris Iris Bulbs
The Iris family is awesome and diverse. Find information on Dutch Iris, Bearded Iris, and Iris Ensata here.

Ixia Ixia Bulbs
A lesser known, but truly excellent fall bulb is the Ixia. Also known as the African Corn Lily, the Ixia is at home in any garden.

Oriental Lily Oriental Lily Bulbs
There are many types of Lilies, including Oriental Lilies, Trumpet Lilies, Chinese Lilies, and Turk's Cap Lilies. Oriental Lily bulbs, as well as all others, should be planted in spring.

Ranunculus Ranunculus Bulbs
Ranunculus bulbs form nice bushy little plants that send up numerous flower stalks from spring through early summer. The gorgeous sunset tones of the petals give a warm glow to any spot in the garden.

Spraxia Spraxia Bulbs
Spraxia bulbs are fun and easy to grow. People love Spraxias for their bold contrasting colours and bright yellow centers. They are cheerful to look at and mix well with other fall bulbs. Spraxias are one of those flowers you see in old gardens, sometimes running riot all over a lawn. Spraxias make a good cut flower and should return reliably year after year.

Tuberose Tuberose Bulbs
The Tuberose's long name is Polianthes Tuberosa, which seems like a mouthful for describing a flower of such simple delight. Tuberose bulbs are generally grown as pot plants and in the colder zones are only set outdoors during the summer. In certain regions, they may be planted in the ground and prefer full sun to light shade. The stalks of waxy white blooms have a pronounced jasmine-like fragrance, which has been used in the manufacture of scents for many years.

Tulip Tulip Bulbs
Tulips are a blessing to the gardener with a colour scheme in mind. Whether you prefer the classic single, the fluffy double, the parrot or the Darwin, you just can't plant too many Tulips.

Aquilegia Aquilegia
A highly ornamental member of the Buttercup family, Aquilegia is a U.S. native. Its common name is Columbine, and it is a wonderful perennial for any garden.

Campanula Campanula
Perhaps our favourite of all Campanulas is little Campanula Porscharskyana. Its violet stars bloom profusely and the creeping habit of its somewhat heart-shaped foliage is simply charming.

Clematis Clematis
Perhaps the most opulent of all vines, large flowering Clematis plays the king in many gardens across North America. Colours range from pure white to pink, burgandy, lavender, blue, purple, red, and some striped.

Delphiniums Delphiniums
Nothing surpasses the Delphinium for vibrant, vertical blues in the garden. Sky blue, Dutch blue, and Cobalt are only a few.

Dicentra Dicentra
Common Bleeding Heart, or Dicentra Spectabilis, is a native of Asia and features deep pink, heart-shaped flowers from which hang a white teardrop. A rampant bed of them is an unforgettable sight, and is sure to provide woodland charm to any garden.

Gardenias Gardenias
Surpassingly fragrant blooms make the Gardenia a garden treasure. It is no wonder that with such a scent, the Gardenia is a plant which so many gardeners try their hands at at least once, no matter where they live.

Geraniums Geraniums
Species Geraniums, Pelargoniums, Zonal Geraniums, Ivy Geraniums, Scented Geraniums, and Martha Washington Geraniums beautify the garden. Their simple five petaled flowers bloom practically all year long in temperate climates and come in exquisite, soft shades of pink and blue, wonderful lavenders, and also vibrant blues.

Hosta Hosta
Hostas feature Penstemmon-like flower spikes in whites, pinks, and purples. But it is for the foliage that Hostas are primarily grown.

Hellebore Hellebore
The Helleborus family has long been revered by shade gardeners. For many years, the two most familiar varieties of Hellebore were the Lenten Rose and the Christmas Rose.

Heuchera Heuchera
Heuchera, otherwise known as Coralbells or Alum Root, is a tough, vigorous native perennial and blooms all summer long.

Hydrangea Hydrangea
Snowball Hydrangeas, Lace Cap Hydrangeas, and Hydrangea vines make for a beautiful garden.

Jasmine Jasmine
The delicate flowers of Jasmines are in direct contrast to the rampant hardiness of the vines on which they grow. Jasmines are beloved for their exquisite fragrance.

Lilacs Lilacs
There is something so nostalgic, so tender in the fragrance of the Lilac that we would not feel our garden emotionally complete without it.

Mandevilla Mandevilla
Mandevilla Splendens, best known by the name Alice du Pont, is the evergreen vine with the lovely pink trumpets.

Wisteria Wisteria
Wisterias have long enchanted the romantic gardener, and few vines can compare with their lovely, sweeping appearance.