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Spraxia Bulbs

Spraxia bulbs are fun and easy to grow. People love Spraxias for their bold contrasting colours and bright yellow centers.

Spraxia In fall, simply plant them about twice as deep as the bulb is wide any place in the garden where there is moderate sunlight. In springtime, little wands of Freesia-like flowers are sure to come up.

They are cheerful to look at and mix well with other fall bulbs. Spraxias are one of those flowers you see in old gardens, sometimes running riot all over a lawn where they have been left undisturbed for decades. If you want to plant Spraxias in your lawn, stop mowing around February and hold off until the flowers are all spent.

Spraxias make a good cut flower and are charming when paired with the taller but similar flower, Ixia. They are not picky about soil or water and once planted, should return reliably year after year.

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