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Top 10 Oriental Lilies

We all have our favorites for different reasons such as ease of growth, hardiness, performance or just plain beauty but some Oriental Lilies are in a a class all their own!

They may be the garden standbys weíve loved all our lives or a newcomer thatís received rave reviews from sellers and growers alike. Hereís our top ten list of the stars of the Oriental Lilly runway.

Top Ten Best Oriental Lilies

1. Madonna Lily

Wayside Gardens singles it out as ancient, from Biblical times. An Early Summer bloom of up to 15 flowers on 4-6 ft. stems with brilliant golden stamens in the heart of pure white lilies.

2. Casablanca

Most popular with Wedding decorators. Renown for the perfume that makes Oriental Lilies famous. Florists and gardeners agree itís the symbol of perfection.

3. Miss Lucy

First double-flowered Oriental. Its complex 6-7 inch blossom of 18 ruffled petals flush from pale green to pale pink and white. Slight freckles and a wax like presence. Best attributes: pollen free (no bouquet messiness) blooms from Summer to early Fall, cold hardy, a "Must grow" at Park Seed, pest resistant but attracts butterflies.

4. Black Beauty

Suprising Turks-cap form introduced in 1957. Rasberry with silvery edging on its re-curving petals.

5. L. Pumilum Coral Lily

A grow- anywhere 2 to 3 ft red- orange thatís been in gardens since 1844. Lilly known for self-seeding and early Summer lovliness. Also called Siberian Lily.

6. Golden Sunburst

Old House Gardens which sells heirlooms signals this to be virtually indestructable. This is not Golden Splendor but a 1956 vigorous sun yellow with arching curved- back petals.

7. Muscadet

Charming 2 1/12 ft dwarf Oriental Lilyfills the border front.Try as an architectural pot plant for your patio. Blue-white, not cream, blossoms cheered with pink Enormous 6 in. across blooms.

8. Leslie Woodriff

New subdivision in Hybrids ORIENTPET. Named after its breeder, Leslie Woodriff. From Henryi and Sheherazade, a 6-8ft. giant with 8in. white and rose blooms. Very fragrant with a remarkable tendancy to re-bloom once or twice a season.

9. Starfighter

Just like her sister Stargazer but with a sharper contrasting ribbon of white around the crimson-pink and freckled petals.Pefect for Summer weddings for its modern looks and fragrant appeal.

10. Trumphator

Bulb suppliers know this is one of the most popular Oriental Lilies by their volumne sales. It is vigorous and dependable in its supply of spectacular white and maroon mid- Summer flowers. Another hybrid ORIENTPET.

The variety and habit of this short list illustrates how adaptible Oriental Lilies can be to any gardenerís particular needs. A dramatic display of towering blooms among mid-sized borders or against the greenery of shrubs and bushes adds depth, height and color. A patio awash in fragrance from early Summer thru Fall with strategicaly planted and placed flower pots is unforgettable. Even one bulb that blooms year after year can bring that element of surprise and magic that gardeners treasure so.

We have seen Oriental Lilies thriving in less than perfect conditions because they are amazingly hardy but given the recommended care which concerns planting depth, soil condition and water enough to keep the bulbs moist before, during and after bloom they repay our trouble with great generosity.

Spring is planting time for Oriental Lilies so try some of our stars.

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