Tuberose Bulbs

The Tuberose's long name is Polianthes Tuberosa, which seems like a mouthful for describing a flower of such simple delight.

Tuberose In the U.S., Tuberose bulbs are generally grown as pot plants and in the colder zones are only set outdoors during the summer. In certain regions, they may be planted in the ground and prefer full sun to light shade. They need warmth to bloom. The stalks of waxy white blooms have a pronounced jasmine-like fragrance, which has been used in the manufacture of scents for many years. Flowers may be single or double.

Tuberose The long, slender bulb-like tubers should always show a point of green if they are alive and should be planted 2" deep. They like a rich soil and should be watered heavily throughout the growing season. Water less once the leaves yellow after bloom, and allow plant to dry. Tuberose bulbs prefer acid soil and you may need to amend the soil with food to get them to bloom. If they are happy, they will come back year after year with their fragrant, lovely flowers.