Wayside Gardens New Bulbs

Wayside Gardens has introduced 3 new bulbs this year and we're excited about them.

One can only plant so many Ice Follies daffodils, right? We're especially partial to orange and white narcissus. Something about that crisp color combination, and that's why we're hoping for good luck with Wayside's new Daffodil Sound daffodil. They describe the trumpet as buttery and the perianth is pure white. Height of 15". The flower itself is said to reach 4" in width - that's a big daffodil bulb! It's a mid-spring bloomer in the garden.
Wayside isn't mentioning scent. Some daffs have it, others don't. We like to know that about any flower we plant, as we're suckers for fragrance in the garden. We've got so many flowers wafting here at Bulb & Bloom, we've blended our own perfume. Too bad we can't bottle it, but the birds and bees seem to love it.

Wayside's second introduction is in the Hippeastrum family - Amaryllis Charsima. Touted as having a unique raspberry and cream colour combination, this may be a bulb to consider. This 24" beauty has the traditional 6 petal form and is said to reach 8" in width. Wayside Gardens claims it is exceptionally long lasting in flower. A good pot plant, Amaryllis offer tropical appeal to any garden and a some folks favourite bulb.

There are amaryllis bulbs and amaryllis bulbs, and the Hippeastrum that has us really excited this year is Wayside's new Amaryllis White Peacock. At first glance, this fully double Amaryllis reminded us of a giant White Lion daffodil. Layer upon layer of petals delight the eye. It is truly elegant and can reach up to 24" in height. The look is less tropical, for those who prefer more of a country garden.

We have our old favourites in the bulb kingdom. We'll never plant a garden without at least a few striped pickwick crocus bulbs or snowdrop bulbs, but it is such a treat each Fall to see what new bulbs the big guys are introducing. They'll be adding surprises to the garden this spring.