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Oriental Lilies for a Wedding

Flowers get the attention they deserve whenever a wedding is being planned. Even the non-gardening bride will become an expert on using flowers to create her special style for the wedding day!

The Victorians used the language of flowers to communicate that which was unspoken and that symbolism is present even today as a bride-to-be chooses her bouquet and floral arrangements. Traditional flowers such as lilies and roses speak of pure love, strength and faithfulness and other sweet sentiments that have been celebrated for generations.

If there is a summer wedding afoot in your family, planning now by planting Oriental Lilies abundantly could create a bridal bower in the garden or supply all the flowers for bouquets. How satisfying it would be and such a boon to the budget.

A ten -pack of White Stargazer from Michigan Bulb would yield over 300 dollars worth of stems from a retail supplier. That’s amazing!

What Flowers Brides are Choosing Today

A quick survey of popular bouquet designs reveals that at least one third use Oriental Lilies. White table decorations invariably use White Stargazers as the main bloom. Large floral pieces at the wedding site where volume is needed rely on their size and textural value. One of most beautiful and upper priced bridal bouquets is a cascade of only Casa Blanca Oriental Lilies in full bloom and bud.

The bright Stargazer or the new Starfighter are often blended with soft pinks or hot colors in charming arrangements. Just as often, round fluffy bouquets gain frilly effect with plump cream or pink roses. Oriental Lilies look wonderful with almost any greenery; shiny needlepoint ivy, the blue green of eucalyptus or dusty miller and all types of fern. Fragrance also seems to be very desirable. Wedding expert Martha Stewart has showcased Stargazer often enough to make it a classic. Since Oriental Lilies come in every color scheme, home gardeners will have many other design ideas for the bride.

Do-it-yourselfers Luck Out

A new trend in wedding style is the hands-on event. Friends and relatives wouldn’t have it any other way and design invitations, decorate and craft all the florals.Wrong time of year or no Oriental lily suppliers local? Simple Magazine mentions California grown 2GRoses http://www.freshroses.com/wt.html as a reliable source for Fed Ex delivered flowers. As well as many other flowers, they offer 10 stems of Stargazer Oriental Lilly for $25 and Casa Blanca for $60. This is well below retail and they fill small or huge orders including detailed but easy instructions. Weddings using Oriental lilies can be as simple as cutting stems, removing the pollen and hand-tying with satin ribbons for the bride, then placing glass vases full greens and lilies everywhere. The effect will be stunning and romantic.

From a decorator's point of view, Oriental Lilies are important because they fit modern and traditional situations so well. They are individually unique and mass pleasingly and they are so fragrant. They are long lasting, holding up well when manipulated into wired floral pieces. Brides find them magically expressive of the beauty they are looking for and popularity makes Oriental Lilies stylish and trendy. They are also available year round from various sources.

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